Instagram Carousel Kit

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The Carousel Template Kit is for anyone who wants to grow their following but lacks the design know-how to create it.

An Introduction to Carousels on Instagram:

A dynamic and engaging format for you to convey rich and diverse narratives. By allowing a sequence images or videos within a single post, you can showcase product features, tell compelling stories, and highlight different aspects of the offering.

This format encourages audience interaction and prolonged engagement as viewers swipe through the carousel, providing you with a more comprehensive and immersive way to connect with the audience. The versatility of carousels enables you to communicate key messages effectively, share user-generated content, and implement creative marketing strategies, ultimately enhancing brand visibility and fostering a deeper connection with your target audience.

Create content for your social feed in no time without hiring a designer. Inside you'll have everything you need to create carousels that will make people take note.

We crafted this especially for:

Product brands | Creatives | Makers | Coaches | Authors | Marketers | Photographers | Videographers


  • 3 x 10 Instagram carousel post templates (1080х1080 px) for canva
  • 30 pre-made designs
  • PDF file with link to Canva templates
  • Short version of instructions for using templates in Canva
  • All fonts are free for commercial use 

Due to copyright, images will not be included on the slides. Instead the placeholders will be in their place for you to easily drag & drop your image. The image boxes will be blank.

Difficulty Level

Super easy - Click link, Edit your copy with your images and text and boom it's ready to post!

Software Required

Access to Canva free account

What You’ll Do

Create visually appealing carousel content for your social media channels using ready-made Canva template. No design skills required!

Plug & Play design

Don't let the struggle of "creating" a layout be the thing that slows you down to sharing your ideas, and ultimately your growth. Finish with great design.

By Grease & Tin team.