Paying Forward

Every Purchase has a Purpose

Through your Purchases, GREASE&TIN helps MENTOR Orphans



Sales of GREASE & TIN products drive giving, through the Grease & Tin ‘Teach How to Fish’ approach. Every time a Grease & Tin product is purchased, an orphan in need is mentored.


2|Plan & Deliver

The GREASE & TIN Giving Team collaborates with our local giving partner (Village SOS) to plan how we can co-ordinate the delivery of a specific Mentoring program.


3|Give & support

GREASE & TIN uses a Mind-SHIFT model designed to uplift those involved into ACTION. True Transformation happens in the Process as one takes ACTION not just in the ideas! It is in the ritual & routine to how one kick starts their day, week, month & year – that determines the outcome! Only through calibrating the MIND, having FOCUS and tracking progress can one achieve ones GOALS!


Join Us on this journey:
Let's take them past the line in the Sand & GO BEYOND their limiting BELIEFS – Let us make CHANGE together!