Paying Forward

By combining creativity, hard work and collaboration we produce something that our customers will find useful on their journey. This honest work is then shared with others that are less fortunate.
As we come up, we pull others up too. Everyone puts effort including the orphans that we help. They create a mind shift in the process, a positive change achieved through their own work in applying
the learnings. No charity or handouts – they keep their dignity and get to face the world independently!
To rising together - thank you for your support.
- Aslam Sidique, founder. 

 Recent Trip to meet the orphans - narrative by Saulo - School teacher in Chipata, Zambia.


18-24 year olds mentored in entrepreneurship via skype. 

Maria & Darius explaining shutter speed and lenses to a gripped audience.

 Darius trying to keep up!

 Our local NGO partner is Village SOS. WATSON NG’ANDU, Regional Programme Manager, SOS Children’s Villages Zambia, P O Box 511222, Chipata, Zambia.