Paying Forward


Our giving model in a nutshell:

By combining creativity, hard work and collaboration we produce something that our customers love. This honest work allows our collective to get their oxygen masks & pay the bills first and the spillover energy is then applied to mentor others in need. As we come up > we pull others up too.

Everyone puts effort in the process including the orphans that we help. They create a mind shift, apply the learnings that allows a positive change achieved through their persistence and desire. 

No charity or handouts – they keep their dignity and get to face the world independently!

It just feels right, when we rise together! Thank you for your support.

- Aslam Sidique, founder. 


Recent Trip to Zambia by G&T team.

Narrative by Saulo - School teacher in Chipata, Zambia.






Our super local NGO partner is Village SOS.
WATSON NG’ANDU, Regional Programme Manager, 
SOS Children’s Villages Zambia, P O Box 511222, Chipata, Zambia.