Grease & Tin is at the heart about everyday living on purpose - a place to help create a SHIFT in the way we can - Work SMARTER | Live BETTER | Be HAPPIER.

At the core we are design-led entrepreneurs & creative thinkers  –  running a digital design studio, a curated lifestyle store and creating digital content for creatives and entrepreneurs. (Studio link is: www.studio-greaseandtin.com)

The aim is to simplify, package and share the very best bite-size material with a pragmatic approach covering many insights of entrepreneurship -  communication, design, content marketing and other relevant areas that will help you raise your game to achieve your GOAL's.

Launching a Creative business is a click away these days and has the power to inspire us and take us on a journey of fulfillment on many levels. However, sustaining and growing the business to pay the bills and beyond is about balancing the ideal and keeping in touch with reality on the ground.

The journey to success is rarely smooth, needing many iterations and we hope to serve you with relatable meaningful & practical content.

The Promise
Life had gotten too busy. It seemed as if my existence had become just one long to-do list. I had forgotten about my dreams, my goals, my what-ifs, my “what if I could’s.”
-Amy Haines



Our Ethos
Build it quietly into the fabric of the business:
Entrepreneurial Spirit  |  Getting our hands greasy for the sake of our craft  |  Collaborated Effort  |  Simplicity  |  Good Design  |  Paying Forward  |  Laughter and Tea!



Start with the WHY
Intentional living is the art of making our own
choices before other’s choices make us.
-Richie Norton