We sit at the intersection of Design & Entrepreneurship, our focus is to distil the very best entrepreneurial & business content for you to serve your current ventures, side hustles, start-ups.

The Collaboration

You’re resilient. You’re passionate. You’re creative, hard-working and unique. You’re a creator making beautiful products or a service provider. Whether you are wishing to refresh/pivot an existing business and grow or simply thinking about your next move as a start-up; we will help you to work smarter and act as a guide.

Waiting for everything to be certain and perfect before acting, will result in no forward movement. Taking a step now and adjusting it along the way, is better than standing still.

We make it our sole purpose to serve you with ingredients that will help you along your entrepreneurial journey and help you on your path to freedom and success, you so deserve. Step-by-step we will show you what you need, expose you to others who have managed the very challenges you are facing and give you paths you can follow to deepen your knowledge.

So, let’s begin - well done for having the courage to step out of the norm and do something different with your life. We wish you best of luck and can’t wait to hear the stories of what you create.

Meaning behind Grease & Tin: get your hands DIRTY in the process of building something worthwhile. Let's not give up at the first or even the tenth hurdle! Even a discarded TIN could be fashioned into a sculpture - so make a start with what you have or know. There is no more waiting for that perfect time - start now.


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