Optimist / Pessimist Mug

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Coffee or tea? Optimist or Pessimist?
A mug that helps start a conversation and provokes a thought of perspective. Is it 'half full' or 'half empty' for you? There is no right or wrong way of seeing things, as long as there is some form of balance.

It may just be that a mixed group of pessimists and optimists would work much better compared to having a group composed of just pessimists or just optimists.

Part of our 'Growth Collection'.
• Ceramic • 11 oz mug dimensions: 3.85″ (9.8 cm) in height, 3.35″ (8.5 cm) in diameter
• Dishwasher and microwave safe

A wider purpose
Your purchase also enables us to MENTOR Orphans - helping them to achieve success and make a positive change in their lives - Learn More