How Culture Can Change Your Life?

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What is ‘How Culture Can Change Your Life’?

How Culture Can Change Your Life is based around our 4 core themes: Love, Work, Self and Culture. The aim of this class is to help you to develop a core emotional skill. 

Why should I attend?

The importance of culture is often misunderstood and overlooked Music, film, literature and the visual arts, aren’t simply entertaining; they help us develop a sense of meaning in life.

Our identity lies in the hands of culture, influencing our values, views, loyalties and fears. What is culture really for? What importance does it play in our lives? How best can we draw value from it in order to lead more emotionally fulfilling lives?

What will I learn?

How Culture Can Change Your Life teaches:

  • That the power of culture emerges best when we rely on it as a therapeutic tool
  • Culture aids us in our quest to develop self-knowledge, empathy and communion
  • Culture provides a sense of consolation
  • This class connects a range of cultural masterpieces with our own dilemmas and pains around love, work and society, and invites us to see culture as a resource with which to address the complex agonies of being human